The Phantom

Last night, I woke up from a dream.

I felt your presence beside me so intense and so real.

Reaching out, I find that you’re not there.

And I knew that you had gone though I know not where.

I know that for the rest of the day, my thoughts would be of you.

Wondering if you bring with you a love that was true.

And yet when the world around me grows dark

I know that soon, the magic would start.

And I would hear the whispered sensual promise of the night.

As I would feel your presence grow stronger with each fading ray of light.

And though I have never seen your face,

I vividly remember the warmth of your embrace,

The feel of your lips as it met mine in a lingering sigh

Though you are just a shadowy figure whenever I close my eyes.

Still a certainty holds me and I know that you are there,

Living… Waiting…. Somewhere….

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