Refiner’s Fire

(originally written last March 28, 1:39PM at VRP Hospital during my 5th chemo cycle)

Cease your weeping, my wretched soul!
Do not even make a sound.
For I know it is my Savior
Calling to me out loud.

These are His flames aburning.
This is His redeeming way.
He has come to me aknocking.
Let Him enter! Let Him stay!

His fire will make me sparkle,
Even as I burn by the coals;
Brighter than at diamond,
More precious than any gold.

So I will draw ever closer
Right into the heart of the fire.
I will hold on even tighter
‘Til I’m empty of worldly desires.

Refiner’s fire, consume me!
Let Your flames burn free!
‘Til like Jesus I be.
‘Til like Jesus I be.

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