The earliest mention of rainbows in the Bible was during the story of Noah. Because of that story, I had developed such a fascination on rainbows so much so that I had passed it on to my eldest daughter. As she was growing up as a toddler, to encourage her to eat more solid food, I used to tell her that each time she ate a lot, her energy would increase and she would manifest it as rainbows in the sky. Coincidence or not, but somehow, there were always rainbows around and she believed it for some years.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that when in late 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage IC Ovarian Cancer and Stage IIB Cervical Cancer that I asked God to send me a rainbow as a sign. After talking to Him as honestly and sincerely as I can, I asked Him to send me a rainbow within the next 7 days as a sign that we would triumph over this cancer/s and that in time, He would heal me from my illness and restore me to good health. Six days passed with no rainbows in sight and I was resigning myself to accept my fate. Then, on the seventh day, to my great joy, He sent me three rainbows.

It was these rainbows that I held on to as I went through my first round of chemotherapy and my radiation treatments. It was these rainbows that I held on to when just a month ago, I was told that my Ovarian cancer has metastasized and is now stage IV. It is still these rainbows and a few more others sent along the way that I continue to hold on to as I go through another round of chemo treatments.

Like Noah, only time will tell whether I have been foolish or wise in my faith. For now, I choose to close the eyes of my soul against worry, fear, anxiety, and despair. Instead, I choose to set my eyes unto the Lord and hold on to His promises of a future filled with peace and hope. I choose to believe in His promises of mercy, love and healing. I choose to believe in rainbows.

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