Hypnagogia is the state between wakefulness and sleep and some say that this is the threshold to creative thoughts. I don’t know how true the latter part is as I have often come up with verses for my poems, the other way around – i.e. coming from sleep and just before I regain full consciousness.

I write about this now, however, due to a peculiar experience a few minutes ago. Just as I was about to fall into the infinite abyss of sleep, I heard a voice in my mind asked: “Are you sure you’re going to make it?”

And just before the doubt and despair began to take hold of me, I heard another voice answer, strong in its conviction, “Yes, I trust in God.”

But the nagging, doubtful voice was back, unwilling to be rebuffed. “But You don’t even know His plans.”

“I know His Heart,” came the immediate answer from the depths of my soul.

I expected for the other voice to answer and try to fill me with uncertainty and distrust. Thankfully, it remained silent. And I proceeded to drift off with a smile on my face. I was at peace…

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