My story

In the midst of my busy and overcrowded life, my Father God has allowed circumstances to happen that would finally force me to slow down and "smell the roses", as the proverbial saying goes. And though logic insists that I despair of what the future may bring for me and my kids, my heart rejoices at the opportunity given to me by my Father God to reboot my life - career-wise, i.e. - so that I may pursue the things I love the most: spending time with my family, writing down my thoughts/stories, and in the over-all sense, honoring Him the best way I can.

As for the first item in my list, I have been able to spend quite a significant amount of time with my family since I came home from the hospital. My parents, siblings, husband, kids and relatives have all flocked around me as loving families do when one of their own has received heartbreaking news and is recovering from an operation as a result of that news. However, as realities of life move in, different duties called them away and now everything is almost back to normal where we keep in touch mostly through online chat and video calls. For my immediate family, everything is seemingly back to normal as well except for the little changes in my diet and routine ("reporting" to the hospital instead of to the office.) The most obvious change to my daily routine right now, which is a constant reminder to my ten-year-old daughter of the battle I am going through against my disease, are the numerous medicines by my bedside which were glaringly absent before. Over the next few days, I expect more obvious telltale changes mostly in my body which would bespeak of the ongoing battle inside me. Because of this, I am unable to spend as much time with my kids as I want to, though I do the best that I can, stubborn as I am, my aunt would say.

The second item in my list is the main reason why I started this website. I have always wanted to be a writer and have written a few poems, short stories and feature articles during my school days. However, a practical advise I received from someone who only wanted the best for me made me decide to pursue another career. With Father God's most generous grace, I was successful with the career I pursued and I met a lot of delightful people in the process,

flowers and padre pio at the medical city

however, the desire to write was always still there. And now here I am, on indefinite medical leave from work, with a lot of time on my hands than what I was used to...

Rather than use this website to document my journey as I battle my disease, I simply hope to make this site as a repository of some of my thoughts and stories, mostly for my and my family's own enjoyment. If by some miracle, my words written here touches someone's heart or soul in a positive way, then that would certainly be a wonderful thing and I give all the credit to my Father God who inspired all this and made this happen. And though I know that there are a lot of differing views in the world about a lot of topics, religion not the least of them, my thoughts written here will be largely affected by my background and what I am going through at the moment I wrote them, so it should be taken in that context. I would like to emphasize beforehand that I do not have any intention to offend other people with my views and would be happy to have an intellectual and respectful discussion if needed. Although I do sincerely hope that readers will take what I write while keeping in mind the social, political and cultural diversity that make up this world we live in and respect it as such. Nevertheless, I will strive to be responsible for everything I write in this site.

My heart's topmost desire is for everything I do from this day onwards to be one that will give honor and glory to my Father God. He has given me another chance to pursue my dreams, i.e. put pen into paper, so I can glorify Him the best way I know how. I pray that when, in His time, we have triumphed over this battle, He will allow me the opportunity to more actively serve Him and do His works in this world.

Gratis et amore Dei,



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